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Called To Be A Saint: Yes, You!


We often think of the saints like stars in the sky – brilliant, fiery, beautiful, and completely out of our reach.  The countless number of saints is one of the beauties of heaven.  Yet, God has called each one of us to join them!  To be a saint!  What does it mean to be a saint?

It means being in unity with God for eternity.  It means being transformed into a pure creature, dazzlingly pure and beautiful.  Now, most of us will never be canonized, to be sure.  But that doesn’t make the hidden and unknown less of a saint.  Just as a beautiful garden is filled with all kinds of plants and flowers, each complementing the other and showing off their beauty and fragrance to the best advantage, so it is with souls.  Some were made to be striking roses and lilies, or strong oaks to shelter the more tender plants.  Some were made to be delicate violets and the most humble of flowers (but which often give off the most intoxicating and pleasing scents!).

The month of November is the month the Church calls us to consider the “four last things”, that is, death, judgment, heaven and hell.  We begin the month by remembering all saints: those who have feast days and especially those that do not have their own feast day; perhaps deceased a parent, or uncle, or favorite teacher?  And by remembering these saints, we can be inspired to keep the course and fight the good fight, to persevere in virtue with the hope that we will one day join them in heaven for all eternity.

My God, when shall I join the saints and see Your face?

Practice: Pick one, two, or all three!  1) Reading during the day and meditate upon today’s Gospel of All Saints.  2) Say eight Hail Marys to understand and live more fully the eight Beatitudes.  3) Pray the Litany of All Saints and ask them to help us while we are still on our journey.

All saints, pray for us!



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