Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Birthday Gratitude

Look to the past with gratitude…

Live the present with passion…

Embrace the future with hope.

Pope Francis

As early as 1908 Rev. A.L. McMahon, O.P. Provincial of the Western Dominican Province, desired to bring to the San Francisco area a contemplative monastery whose purpose would be to honor and promote devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. But it took until May 29, 1921 to clear away all the difficulties involved in establishing this shrine of love and adoration. On that day eight sisters left our founding monastery in the Bronx, New York to begin the new foundation.

Founding-NunsThe sisters were housed temporarily in the home of a Catholic lady in San Francisco who gave them hospitality until a suitable property could be found for a permanent monastery.

CCM History1A (DSC05277)

CCM History1 (DSC05289)

By April 9, 1928 our new home was ready and the sisters joyfully moved into the newly constructed gothic building on Oak Grove Avenue.

CCM History3 (DSC05318)

The Chapel and adjoining wing were the first to be built.


CCM History2 (DSC05317)

Almost ready to move in!

CCM History7 (DSC05295)

CCM History6 (DSC05298)

The monastery as it was when the sisters first moved in. As was common, the monastery was built in phases as resources were available. The front wing, the current parlor and the south wing of the cloister have yet to be constructed.

Here the community grew and flourished, striving to continue the apostolate of fostering love and devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

CCM History8 (DSC05335)

Note that there were only four hanging lamps at this time. More lamps were added through the generosity of our benefactors.


CCM History5 (DSC05329)

We look to the past with gratitude


Prayer-like incense (fb)

We live the present with passion


CCM History9 (DSC_0009)

Our Chapel today. We maintain our devotion and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.


NunsFuture (IMG_2950)

We embrace the future with hope

Thank you to our Dominican family, friends and benefactors (including our altar bread customers) for your continued generous support.  Without you we would not be able to continue our life of prayer.  Be assured we carry you and your intentions to our Eucharistic Lord every day.

Help us celebrate by joining us on Corpus Christi Sunday.




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