Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

Beauty…With Immense Gratitude…


Beauty.  Some list it as one of the transcendentals (though the novitiate learned in a class last year that others debate that point).  But there’s no dispute that beauty speaks to us, speaks to our hearts.  When we see something truly beautiful, we are awe-struck and our minds and hearts are elevated a bit closer to God.





That is one reason why we are especially grateful to a group of friends and benefactors of the monastery who have generously helped us make our place of life a prayer a bit more beautiful, through the donation of flower and vegetable plants and gardening tools.  Throughout spring, and especially as we draw closer to our patronal feast, Corpus Christi, we’ve been working hard to elevate our hearts and minds in the gardens and fields and cultivate the beauty of God that surrounds us.  With immense gratitude…



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