Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

A Moment’s Meditation: Pentecost Thursday

Ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of Fortitude. It disposes the soul to undertake great things for the glory of God, to carry them out successfully in spite of the most extraordinary and unforeseen difficulties, and to resist the most violent temptations which may come from the world and the devil. Look at St. Peter Martyr: while still a child he confounded the Manichean; later on, like a valiant soldier, he attacked them vigorously and gave his life in defense of the Faith. This was the work of the Spirit of Fortitude which rested on him.

Prayer: O Divine Spirit, I am weakness itself; uphold me.

Practice: In the midst of difficulties, invoke the Holy Spirit and persevere in your work.

From “Saints and Saintly Dominicans: Daily Reflections on Their Lives”, edited by Rev. Thomas a Kempis Reilly, O.P. (1915).

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