Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

A Moment’s Meditation: Pentecost Monday

Ask the Holy Spirit for the gifts of understanding and knowledge. The first prepares the soul to penetrate the truths of Faith and inspires it with great certainty so that the grasp of mind and heart may not be weakened by any apparent difficulties. The second enables the soul to form correct judgment of human things in their relation to salvation, and teaching us to make a moderate use of them for the glory of God. Our Father St. Dominic possessed these gifts, figured by the star which shone on his forehead. Thence his devotion to the truth, his understanding of the needs of the Church, and his foresight, which showed him how powerful over souls would his actions and those of his children be rendered, by poverty, mortification and prayer.

Prayer: Come, O Holy Spirit, pure Light of hearts!

Practice: In your prayer make the preparation with care, and above all invoke the help of the Holy Spirit with fervor.

From “Saints and Saintly Dominicans: Daily Reflections on Their Lives”, edited by Rev. Thomas a Kempis Reilly, O.P. (1915).

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