Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

A Moment Meditation – Monday of the 2nd week of Advent

Readings:  Is 35:1-10, Ps 85: Our God will come to save us!, Lk 5:17-26

And they were all amazed by what they saw. It was not a desert bursting into flower, but the forgiveness of sins that they witnessed that day when the paralytic rose from his mat and walked.

Pharisees who had been crying out “blasphemy!” a moment earlier now marveled at the glory of God. And God himself marveled at the faith of those men who lowered their helpless friend down in front of a man they believed capable of helping the helpless, a man on whom the power of God to heal rested. This was he who could say “your sins are forgiven” as easily as he said “rise and walk”.

Surely in him justice and peace have kissed. The lame jump up; the blind see; the deaf hear. The Pharisees are in awe! Did they come that day to that crowded house to hear Jesus’ teaching and themselves be healed and forgiven? Did they come, recognizing the gaps in their life of righteousness and to have the hole within them filled with the love of God?  Or were they only looking to be confirmed by a man considered important, all the while their hearts hardened by a sense of their own uprightness?

The Pharisees listened; they were in awe; but did they believe? Were they converted or would they, after receiving chastisements instead of praise, look for an opportunity to put the Lord of Life to death. Why do you sit and listen? And what will you do with this awe he inspires?

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