Cloistered Dominican Nuns Corpus Christi Monastery

A Gift for Corpus Christi from Students and Friends

Last Saturday, we had another garden work-out at the monastery.  It was a gift from the Stanford graduate students and friends from neighboring parish for our Patronal feast day of Corpus Christi.  Below are some fun pictures we wish to share with you.

2015.05 Stanford1 IMG_3012

Off to receive marching orders



2015.05 Stanford2 IMG_3017

Assignments given…any volunteers?



2015.05 Stanford7 IMG_3023

Weeding the garden beds and cleaning up the debris in the patio garden


2015.05 Stanford6 IMG_3049

Pruning roses and other plants in the novitiate garden


2015.05 Stanford5 IMG_3046

Fixing the base of the Infant Jesus shrine


2015.05 Stanford2a IMG_3032

Transplanting the roses…


2015.05 Stanford3 IMG_3037

Taking a break with an orange from St. Dominic’s tree!


2015.05 Stanford4 IMG_3042

Wanna try a bite?…It’s quite refreshing!!!

Thank you students and friends once again for your generous gift of time and energy!

If you wish to help the monastery in our gardening endeavor, check back to learn more.


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