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800 Years of Dominican Preaching for the Salvation of Souls!

Today marks a milestone in Dominican life – it was on this day that the Order of Preachers was confirmed by Pope Honorius III in 1216!  Through tireless fidelity to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, Our Holy Father Dominic spent himself for Christ and the salvation of souls.  Compassionate, with a heart that beat with the love of Christ and the mercy of God, one of his miracles recently directed one of our prayers.

While visiting a small village in Italy, he was preaching on a hill to the locals, as was his custom.  Abruptly, he stopped, looked at them with compassion and said, “Don’t worry.  It will rain soon,” and then continued with his sermon.  You see, the people had been suffering terribly from a drought, and it didn’t appear as it would end.  The farmers had not even planted the season’s crops, though it was well past planting time.  Well, before Dominic finished preaching, big drops of rain began to splash down and, Oh!…did it rain!

As most know, we have also been suffering from drought, and so began to ask for Our Holy Father Dominic’s intercession for rain.  One night after supper, while crossing the cloister, the novitiate noticed something unusual in the sky – a large halo circling the moon (and also St. Dominic in the middle of the cloister).  When they described it to the other sisters, one said, “Oh, that means it will rain soon.”  Two days later, we had a good rain.  Since then, we’ve had more.  A rainstorm that moved in yesterday is still bringing us the gift of much-needed water.  Thanks be to God, and for the intercession of the saints, who look after not just our spiritual needs, but also our material ones.

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