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What It Takes to Prepare for A Nun’s Wedding Day!

Those who have to organize and prepare for a wedding know what tremendous work it takes to make it happen. For cloistered nuns, we can say that it is a blessing not only to share the work but to share the joys that come with all the anticipation and preparation.

When a nun is about to make profession of vows, that is, to commit herself to follow the footsteps of Christ more intimately as his spouse, she is to set aside all preoccupation, concerns and worries eight days before the ceremony so as to spend more time alone with her Beloved and deepen her relationship with the One who called her.

Below are a few pictures we would like to share with you as we continue to prepare for Sister Marie Dominic’s Profession of Vows tomorrow. If you are in the Bay area, remember to come and join us in praising God with the holy sacrifice of the Mass for the Solemnity of the Ascension of our Lord at 2:00 PM.

The Bride prepares…

2017.05.20 Habit fitting IMG_4872

The “fitting” before going on retreat

The blessing…

2017.05.19 Blessings Before Retreat IMG_4895

Last Friday, at Vespers, Sister Marie Dominic received a blessing from our Prioress, Sister Maria Christine, O.P. before beginning her eight days retreat. One can only imagine how hard it is to surrender and let the community takes care of every little detail. But it is also a great blessing of community life, one of the charisms of the Dominican Order! While ordinary engaged couples may have to work until the last minute to make sure the wedding goes smoothly, the nun enjoys her time with her Lord until the morning of her profession.

The Veil…

2017.05.23 Veil sewing IMG_4887

At profession, when Sister Marie Dominic receives the black veil, she will be reminded that by wearing this veil, she is recognized as a house of prayer for her Lord and a temple of intercession for all people.

Today, the last day of preparation, our Sacristans inside and outside are busy with making bouquets for the Chapel and the crown for the bride. We can see the joy, the talent and the creativity coming out from all corners of the monastery!

2017.05.27 Arranging Flowers IMG_4919
2017.05.27 Rose Crown IMG_4976 Arranging Flowers Outside IMG_4941

And finally, the choir practice!

2017.05.27 Choir Practice IMG_4926

Deo Gratias!

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