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On Retreat!


Please keep our community in your prayers during this week and next week – we’re getting deeper into the desert for our annual community retreat!  We are excited to have Fr. Augustine Highlander, Dominican friar of the Western Province as our retreat master this year and the theme he has chosen is “Mercy”.

So what do nuns do during a retreat?  After all, we don’t leave the monastery and our life is already one of prayer!  During our annual retreat, we reduce our work to a minimum and make other small changes to our schedule that allow each sister extra time for prayer and leisure with God.  Even in the cloister, it’s a temptation to fall into routine and busyness and slip away from being mindful, present to God and to each other in that moment.  So our annual retreat is a time for us to be renewed in the life, to step deeper into the desert with Jesus and come back with renewed zeal.

We’ll be back in a week! Know that you are all in our prayers!

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