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Ianua Caeli – Ora Pro Nobis

2015.09.19 BVM Gate of Heaven IMG_3897

How great then should be our confidence in this Queen, knowing how powerful she is with God, and at the same time how rich and full of mercy; so much so that there is no one on earth who does not share in the mercies and favors of Mary! This the blessed Virgin herself revealed to St. Bridget: ‘I am,’ she said to her, ‘the Queen of heaven and the Mother of mercy; I am the joy of the just, and the gate of entrance for sinners to God; neither is there living on earth a sinner who is so accursed that he is deprived of my compassion; for everyone, if he receives nothing else through my intercession, receives the grace of being less tempted by evil spirits than he otherwise would be; no one, therefore,’ she added, ‘who is not entirely accursed’ (by which is meant the final and irrevocable malediction pronounced against the damned), ‘is so entirely cast off by God that he may not return and enjoy his mercy if he invokes my aid. I am called by all the Mother of mercy, and truly the mercy of God towards men has made me so merciful towards them.’ And then she concluded by saying: ‘Therefore he shall be miserable, and forever miserable in another life, who in this life, being able, does not have recourse to me, who am so compassionate to all, and so earnestly desire to aid sinners.’

-Extracted from The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori