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1…2…3!  White Veil Novices

2017.02.14 Vestition Table IMG_3934

Last Saturday, our postulant was joyously clothed in the Dominican habit and received her new religious name, thus beginning her novitiate.  Unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit longer to see pictures and learn her new name – we try to wait until after immediate family has had a chance to visit first before we post to our blog and social media.  Soo, stay tuned!  The full announcement will come after this coming weekend.

In the meantime, how about a contest?  As part of the vestition ceremony, the new novice receives a religious name.  She is able to state up to three preferences, but the final decision is left to the prioress, who may choose one of the preferences…or something altogether different.  So, who can guess our new novice’s name?  The person who comes closest (or persons), we will send a knotted cord rosary.

We’ll give you a bit of a start with some guides.

  • Every sister in our house takes some form of “Mary” as part of her name (i.e., Mary, Marie, Maria, Maura, etc.), one point if you guess the form given to our novice.
  • It is not uncommon for the sister to also be given the name of a saint. One point if you get the correct saint, another point if you get the correct form of the saint’s name.
  • Is the saint’s name first in order, or Our Blessed Mother? One point if you get the two names in proper order.
  • Finally, the sister is also given a “secret” name (secret only because it’s usually dropped in everyday usage and conversation, so fewer people know it). This part of the sister’s name is usually the name of a devotion.  For example, Sister Joseph Marie of the Child Jesus, Sister Mary Isabel of the Angels or Sister André Marie of the Divine Mercy.  One point if you guess the correct secret name given to our new novice.

So that’s it!  To submit your response, send us an email at or as a comment to our Facebook post sharing this blog article.  Then in one week, we’ll share the answer with pictures and announce the winner(s).  And be sure to invite your friends and family to join in the fun!



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