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Portrait of a Cloistered Dominican Nun (Part II): Bride of the Infinite Bridegroom


Every person is loved into existence.  Even those that, from an earthly perspective may be unwanted, uncared for, the fact remains that before their flesh took form in their mother’s womb, they were thought of by God, down to the number of the hairs on their head, and God loved the idea of that person so much, He gave that person existence. You, who once did not exist, now live and breathe because God wants you to be, He loved, and still loves you into being.  

Yet He does not simply sit back and watch the world unfold.  He does not casually watch us as we would watch a movie, rooting for the good, booing the bad, crying with separated lovers and rejoicing when things end happily ever after.  No, it is a great mystery how He works in human history, for our history is truly His story, yet He still respects our freewill to either cooperate with His graces or not, to love Him or spurn Him.  Yet, like a mad lover, He does everything with precision to woo us and show us the infinite good that He is and offers us.  This is the Christian vocation – to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him, He who is infinite good.

And there are some who He chooses to woo most directly.  From the beginning of time, He saw these souls and was enamored by them, and choose them to be set aside, consecrated, just for Him.  He would make them His Spouse.  Yet within this calling to a contemplative life as the Spouse of Christ, He further invites them to share in His heart, in His love, in a particular way – that is, the charism of the Order to which He calls them.  

A Dominican nun shares His priestly and apostolic heart: she spends her life with Him for the salvation of souls.  She is inseparably joined to the entire Dominican family and continually make prayers and sacrifices on their behalf, contemplating Jesus Christ, so that the Gospel preached throughout the world would not return to God empty, but may accomplish those things for which it was sent.

Bride of the Infinite Bridegroom, object of the unique affection of the heart of Jesus, what wondrous grace with which you have been favored!

Want to learn more about how to discover the gifts God has given you and about cloistered, contemplative life as a Dominican nun?  Contact Sr. Joseph Marie to register for our upcoming “Come-and-See” Day.  The deadline to register is fast-approaching!

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